Danute Murdeko keramikos studija

My name is Danutė. I live and create in a beautiful country Lithuania. The story has began when I was four years old. As far as I remember constructions in the neighborhood was an attractive playground and mountains of clay, mud and soil were very tempting. Now, after more than thirty years, clay is still my favorite. All I can tell about it from my experience, that it gives endless possibilities. Modeling is a form of meditation, which requires focus and free mind.

Murdeko studija

The name Murdeko was born during the studies in Academy of Arts where I was improving new techniques and getting new ideas. One of my friends asked if I could make a ceramic tutorial. And it was a spark for me to start ceramic workshops.

Murdeko ceramics studio Kaunas

Murdeko became a brand of a small family business. Together with my husband Andrius we managed to reach customers in a wide world and offer them top quality and artistry products.